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An in-development ASCII naval-themed game. 


  • Manage your guns and men to sink or capture the enemies! Learn to position your ship using wind, use the best of the artillery you have on board, carefully prepare a boarding party and struggle to grapple the enemies!
  • 2 missions - a randomly generated naval fight scenario and pre-built finely balanced special scenario.
  • Alpha-version of procedural world generation module included - you can create and browse your own Ocean World Of Thousand Islands. 

Future directions

The final goal is to create an open-world game with gameplay, utterly concentrated on trade, naval warfare and exploration. So far it has mostly only basics of naval warfare mechanics with demo-missions, and currently I am working on world generation. To summarize, the plan is to add sooner or later:

  • An open world with a lot of ports and full of other ships you can interact with: merchants, navy and of course, pirates.
  • Complex economical system of trading between different islands, which merchant gameplay deep enough.
  • Ship management: keep track of food, gunpowder, crew; repair and replace your artillery and other equipment. 
  • RPG elements: captain skills and crew experience.
  • Quests and civilization reputation.
  • Elements of fantasy, such as ancient krakens and other mystiries.
  • Better battle mechanics, including abordage as a strategy mini-game

Game is in development stage, and may contain bugs. Feel free to drop a email to dt-hun@yandex.ru if you have any queries.


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Development log


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development is alive?

On-hold for now. Lack of time and excess of ambitions!